How to look after your herbs

How to look after your herbs

National Gardening Week takes place from 11th – 17th April with the theme being ‘Get Fit in the Garden’.  At Houghton Lodge Gardens, we are celebrating NGW with a series of blogs about the healthy benefits of gardening and the use of use of herbs, many of which can be found in our planted herb garden found in the walled garden.

Herbs are very forgiving and most of them easy to grow. Our very own gardener Hazel gives us some top tips when it comes to looking after your herbs!

“I had a chamomile seat that I had made and was heaven to sit on, my chickens enjoyed it too, which was not so beneficial for me, but hey, they were very relaxed!” – Hazel, Houghton Lodge Gardener.

Hazels pruning tips for some of the most popular grown herbs

  • Rosemary: Can be pruned anytime during spring and summer.
  • Lavender: Should be pruned every year to keep it compact, late summer after flowering is ideal.
  • Sage: Early spring, after any risk of frost is a good time to get the best from your bush

Hazel’s tips for potting up herbs

“It can be very useful to pot your herbs just outside the kitchen door, they also make a great gift too!” – Hazel, Houghton Lodge Gardener.

  • Plant out after the risk of any frosts
  • Plant up with John Innes NO 1 mixed with course grit and keep compost moist.

Come and explore Hazel and the teams work at our wall Kitchen Garden at Houghton Lodge.

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