The Benefits of Gardening on your Health!

The Benefits of Gardening on your Health!

National Gardening Week takes place from 11th – 17th April with the theme being ‘Get Fit in the Garden’.  At Houghton Lodge Gardens, we are celebrating NGW with a series of blogs about the healthy benefits of gardening and the use of use of herbs, many of which can be found in our planted herb garden found in the walled garden.

You don’t need to be green fingered to enjoy the benefits that gardening can have on your health. There are endless reasons why a bit of pottering can have positive affects on both your physical and mental state.

Here are some of the top benefits to gardening:

It’s Physical. We all know the benefits physical activity has on our bodies but not everyone enjoys the usual “sports”. Whether it’s planting seeds, digging flower beds, or simply pruning, the body is getting more activity that you might even give it credit for.

It’s mentally rewarding. The combination of being active and fresh air does wonders for your mental health. It can be very therapeutic giving you a sense of peace and achievement, and is a great way to relieve stress.

Growing healthy foods. It’s almost impossible to grow anything that isn’t going to be good for you, whether it be fruit, vegetables or herbs, you can enjoy the fruits of your labour knowing exactly what’s in them and where they have come from.

It’s a great learning tool. Whether you’re new to gardening or teaching someone else, there’s a lot to be learned when cultivating your garden. The right time to pot things, to how to get your garden in shape for the new season, and just what plants will grow the best in that spot.

These are just a few of the benefits of gardening on your health. If you’re in need of inspiration then visit Houghton Lodge Gardens and enjoy 14 acres of beautiful gardens.

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