A tulip frenzy this spring

Tulips have been part of our garden heritage for centuries and never cease to fascinate with their dramatic blousey unfurling of petals or the simplicity of elegance.

Planted in regimental rows and romantic drifts visitors will find a palette of colour and textures -the palest of pinks, bright crisps whites and effervescent greens coat wispy petals of fringed varieties contrasting against the traditional smooth, classic tulip curves.  

Houghton Lodge’s walled Garden will be rich in colour with embers of oranges, scarlet reds and regal purples and the Mercury Border is a kaleidoscope of Viridiform Tulips, first planted in 2014. This year’s include: the low growing hearts delight, tall and elegant dreamboat, green spot, white bouquet and who can resist the raspberry ripple in flaming spring green and the solid heads of soft oranges and azalea pinks in the tulip Annie Schilder. Across the gardens, other bulbs which will be filling the garden with colour include: alliums, fritillaries, narcissi, muscari, triteleia, chionodoxa, crocus, ornithogalum, hyacinth, anemone and puschkinia.
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