Houghton Lodge Mini Tulip Festival 2018

As one of the most popular spring bulbs, the sight of the bright blousy petals across any garden, is a sure sign that the winter months are finally over.

For the last three years, we have introduced more varieties of tulips across the gardens as part of a mini Tulip Festival which has become increasingly popular with our visitors.

There are 15 different divisions of Tulips, which are defined by their flower characteristics such as: single or double flowers, fringed, parrot or lily-flowered. Our gardening team have been busy planting a over 2000 tulip bulbs of the different divisions and flowering times to give the best display possible.

Here is a complete list of the 2018 tulips you will find around the gardens from mid April through to mid May.

How many will you find when you visit?

Tulip flaming spring green (white infused red and green)
Tulip red spring green (rose/green)
Tulip esperanto (rose, green variegated leaf)
Tulip dolls minuet (red, purple with variegated green, white leaf)

Front of house
Tulip havran (dark purple) april-may
Tulip slawa(orange purple coral) april-may
Tulip prinses Irene (orange/pink) april-may

The Yard
Tulip la belle Epoque (coffee mousse flushed with deep pink)
Tulip maureen double (white/green)

The Walled Garden
Flowerbed 1
Tulip evergreen (green)
Tulip Jimmy (orange/terracotta)
Tulip Ronaldo (black)
Flowerbed 2
Tulip viridiflora mixed
Flowerbed 3
Perennial Tulips

Tubs in the Walled Garden
Tulip Shirley (white/purple)
Tulip Negrita (purple)
Tulip Ballerina (orange)

Tubs by Patio
Tulip Angelique (pale pink)
Tulip ice wonder (white)
Tulip may wonder (rose pink)
Tulip purissima (perennial tulip) (white emperor)
30 tulip daydream (perennial tulip) (orange, yellow)

Peacock Garden
Tulip turkestanica
Tulip candy club (multi flowered white with narrow purple edge)

Wedding Border
Tulip spring green (white/green)

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