Why choose an outside wedding?

Why choose an outside wedding?

Why choose an outside wedding? There are plenty of things to consider when planning your wedding. From the dress to the bridesmaids, flowers to the food. You’ve got so much you need to think about but first of all, what every wedding needs, is the venue!

Before you can start looking for the venue you need to decide whether you would prefer a civil ceremony, the size of the venue, and perhaps if you would like to get married inside or outside?

Outside weddings may be a little optimistic with the British weather but with a number of wedding venues in Hampshire offering licensed outside structures, more and more couples are choosing to be married ‘alfresco’.  At Houghton Lodge Gardens there are five outside structures including a Woodland Grotto, Fishing Hut and Walled Garden Conservatory.

Why choose an outside wedding?

There are plenty of reasons as to why you should choose an outside wedding which are summarised below:

  • The setting – if a venue offers an outdoor wedding option it’s guaranteed to be picturesque. Imagine saying your vows whilst overlooking a river, garden or meadow.
  • The sounds – you’ll hear birds, wildlife and perhaps flowing water depending on where your venue is.
  • The smell – if you’re enjoying a spring or summer wedding then the smell of freshly cut grass, blossoming flowers and leafy tree’s will create an aroma you cannot match indoors.
  • The fresh air – you and your guests will feel invigorated by the fresh clean air they’ll be able to enjoy.
  • The difference – it will be different and unique, it’s not every day you get to enjoy a wedding outside.
  • The space – you’ll probably still have your limits on guest numbers but the space they can enjoy being outside can’t be matched in an indoor venue, where guests are struggling to squeeze past each other.
  • The fun – you’ll have room for some outdoor games to keep your guests entertained during the drinks reception.
  • The photographs – imagine how stunning your wedding photos will be with the background setting of your outdoor wedding.
  • The weather – if it’s a glorious day and the sun is shining then there is no better place to be than outside.

However, the downside is:

  • The weather – this is England and it might rain. But let’s face it, no wedding venue is going to let that ruin your day, they will have plan B at the ready just in case!

Why choose an outside wedding?

At Houghton Lodge Gardens, we may be a little bias due to our riverside location for receptions, beautiful gardens for romantic photography and peaceful surroundings, but the the benefits of an outdoor wedding definitely outweigh the cons.

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