River Test Dry Fly Trout Fishing

Day and season rods

Houghton Lodge estate has two beats on the River Test at Houghton.  The upper beat, 1/2 a mile of carrier, and a lower beat of 300 yards of main river. Fishing is from the West bank only. Both beats have their own fishing hut. The season runs from 1st May-15th October.

Stocking and returning fish

If you wish to take fish home we would be grateful if you could limit yourself to 1 and 1/2 brace per day.  Please return any fish under 2 lbs.

Fishing style

Upstream dry fly only until 30th June, and thereafter an unweighted upstream nymph may be used. Wading is not permitted and unnecessary!

Fishing hut and fishing book

There is an attractive hut with chairs and some reading material for those quiet periods during the day.
 Please make a note in the Fishing Book of all the fish that you have caught. For management purposes we need a record of the number and size of fish killed, please. Comments and criticisms are always welcome. It is always of interest to other rods and for the management of the water to know what fly life there has been on any day and which flies were being taken, so do please record those details also.


Honesty hampers are available to order to add to the enjoyment and comfort of your day. Made using fresh, seasonal and wherever possible local ingredients they can be collected from Honesty at Houghton Lodge tea room on the day of your trip. Click here to find out more.

Corporate Fishing Days

If you would like to entertain your client with a days fishing on the River Test, a champagne hamper or riverside hog roast-just tell us what you would like and we can tailor a package to suit your needs.


Tuition can be arranged. Dogs are not invited.

Prices include VAT.

“Hi Daniel just a line to express our thanks and appreciation for the wonderful opportunity to fish your beats of the Test on Friday. Also your time and patience endeavouring to assist two absolute beginners. We did not manage to hoodwink any of the many wiley trout in the water but thoroughly enjoyed the special day regardless. We left your tackle in the tea room and also had a look at the pictures and cuttings on the walls, very interesting. We will return and look around the gardens and enjoy a cup of tea and cake at earliest opportunity. Thanks again.”

For fishing enquiries, prices and booking contact:

Oliver Busk