Meet the gardener

Meet the gardener

Name:  Georgina Quin, known as George

What’s your gardening experience / background:

I studied RHS horticulture exams and Garden Design at Sparsholt College Hampshire. I have been a gardener for 11 years working on small to medium gardens in and around Salisbury.

What’s your gardening specialty:  Herbaceous plants and vegetables

What’s your favourite flower and shrub? It has to be Peonies because I love the expectation and suspense before they arrive. They may be short lived but so they are so impressive and beautiful.

My favourite shrub is a Daphne ‘Jacqueline Postill’. The fragrance is so amazing and stops me in my tracks when I smell it. The flowers are also the first to arrive in the New Year, so they fill me with joy in the winter months.

What’s the best thing about being a gardener: Being outside surrounded by beautiful scenery, and learning something new from Mother Nature pretty much everyday!

Top tip for a troubleshooting issue: Drench soil with Nematodes early in the season from end March to early April to kill off first generation of slugs, and to reduce subsequent generations.

What’s special about Houghton Lodge Gardens? So many things! The location of Houghton Lodge is absolutely breathtaking. I love the fact that the garden consists of so many different areas: the walled garden, woodland walk, pond and meadows.

What are you looking forward to for the 2017 season across the garden?

I only joined the team in October so I am looking forward to seeing all the different areas of garden explode into life throughout the year and working with colleagues to make the gardens as stunning as they can be for our visitors.

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