Len Murrell

Len Murrell served in the Royal Navy later working in the Defence Industry. Largely self taught he took up painting in the early 1990’s. He works exclusively in oils. He exhibits locally at The Frame Gallery in Odiham, and at the Oxmarket Arts Centre Chichester. He has also worked on privately commissioned paintings. His paintings focus notably on marine subjects, the theme of the sea and landscape subject-matter.

His painting approach starts with thin darks to mid-tones then lights adjusting the values and rounding the forms as the painting develops endeavour to finish one section at a time with soften edges to allow a seamless transition for the next section. If a section is not working he will wipe out with a rag – the ‘ghost image’ retained can quite often offer an atmospheric feature to the composition to capitalise on.

Suzie Hall

Suzie Hall trained as a potter at the Sunbury adult education centre from 1994 to 1998.She set up her own pottery studio, and produced a range of tropical fish, which gained a good following of clients. This led to her using coloured glazes on other works that have established her style as a ceramic colourist. In 2000 Suzie and her Artist husband, Michael moved from Weybridge to Charter Alley in north Hampshire, where she was able to set up a fully equipped ceramic studio. This has enabled her to extend her expertise in all the disciplines in ceramics. She developed a line of pierced ceramic lights, which have resulted in many commissions. Her ceramic picture work is driven by the Viennese artists at the turn of the nineteenth century.

Sara Barnes

Sara Barnes uses cardboard and palette knife to create lively semi-abstract work in acrylics and oils.  Her paintings are inspired by sights around Romsey and the Hampshire and Dorset coast.

Laurel Wade

Laurel Wade is a self taught artist who specialises in figurative still life.
His ability to create dramatic scenes combining natural objects with household items stems from his early career as a photographer in London during the 1970s. This invaluable experience enabled him to employ lighting techniques to enhance the simplistic aspect of his paintings capturing textures and details with impressive realism. Laurel has concentrated on his paintings for the last 20 years and has exhibited at fairs and galleries in London and the West Country with increasing success. Now retired Laurel has spent the last seven years renovating a listed water mill in west Cornwall and is now enjoying being able to focus on his career as an artist.

Joanna Williams

I am both a painter and illustrator. As illustrator, I have worked for leading publishers including Hamlyn, Heinemann and Macmillan. As painter, I enjoy my native Hampshire landscape but I have also travelled much further afield to work in Ghana, Nigeria and Tanzania, where I produced a series of drawings and paintings of the Tanzanian and Masai people.

My subject include landscapes, studies of people, animals and still life. I have exhibited in numerous galleries locally and nationally (including the Mall Galleries, London).